Enter: Word Formation 2




This series of three books examines the way new words can be formed by adding endings or prefixes to a key word. For example, you can change the verb ‘attract’ to the noun ‘attraction’ or the adjective ‘attractive’ by adding the endings ‘ion’ or ‘ive’. And you can create the antonyms ‘unattractive’ by adding the prefix ‘un’. There are fifty units in each book, and each unit deals with a different group of related words. The light-hearted stories accompanied by cartoons provide contextual examples and aid learners in retaining the words with ease. The series is intended for intermediate learners. By working through the books they will learn how to use with confidence a wide range of related words.

ISBN: 978 981 09 0038 0

Specifications: 225x170mm, 112pp

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