Connecting Sentences 2


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Connecting Sentences, a series of three books, encourages students to use a wide range of English connectors (or transitional devices) to enhance their writing and give it cohesion.

Each unit in this series provides students with 

  • a short passage, illustrated by cartoons, to show the connector in action
  • simple and clear explanation of the connector, differentiating it from others with similar meaning, and further contextual examples to demonstrate usage
  • one or more synonymous connectors, where applicable, to widen students' vocabulary
  • an exercise to practise using the connector in sentences.
The units are grouped together by theme, such as 'Time and Sequence', 'Contrast' and 'Purpose'. A review unit, consisting of graded exercises, is included at the end of each theme for further practice and reinforcement.

    ISBN: 978 981 07 9211 4

    Specifications: 260x190mm, 80pp

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