Primary Grammar (Primary 1 and 2)




This series of three books is designed to help students grasp essential grammar concepts and avoid the common pitfalls of grammar. It enables them to use the English language confidently in their everyday communication.

What you'll find in this book:

  • Essential topics: 26 essential grammar topics deal with grammar at word, phrase and sentence levels, including punctuation.
  • Bite-size sections: The explanatory text is broken down into bite-size sections, with a short practice exercise after each section, to facilitate learning. 
  • Common errors: ‘COMMON ERRORS’ sections highlight and correct common misconceptions.
  • Grammar in use: The exercises in the 'Grammar in Use' sections encourage students to practise what they have learnt in speech and writing, helping them to use the language effectively in their everyday communication.

    ISBN: 978 981 09 8890 6

    Specifications: 260x190mm, 200pp

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