Editing Skills (Lower Secondary)




Editing Skills is more than a series for practice. It goes over points of grammar, highlighting the pitfalls to avoid, before students do the exercises and test papers. The diagnostic answers not only provide the correct answers, but also explain why the other options are wrong. In addition to helping students prepare for the editing section of the English language ‘O’ level examination, this series will also assist them in editing their essays.

  • 25 teaching units, each dealing with a different aspect of English grammar
  • Concise explanatory text draws attention to potential errors
  • Two graded exercises for each teaching unit allow students to practise correcting grammatical errors at both sentence and text levels
  • 20 test papers, modelled on the style and format of the 'O' level examination
  • Comprehensive answers providing diagnostic analysis of the errors

    ISBN: 978 981 09 3796 6

    Specifications: 260x190mm, 96pp

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